Sherry Jacoby is a singer/songwriter with a passion for telling personal stories through her songs, using imagery and metaphors to capture human emotions. From danceable pop/rock tunes to acoustic ballads, her songs paint a vivid picture of a wide emotional landscape. 

Growing up in a musically oriented family, Sherry began singing and playing piano and guitar at an early age. She has played at many festivals and events in the GTA, including the Soundtrack of the City Festival and the Multicultural Indie Music Concert, "A World Away". She continues to immerse herself in Toronto's music scene as a solo performer and as a collaborator with other musicians. 

She is a host of the Song Talk Meetup in Toronto and a guest host on Song Talk Radio. Her 5-track debut EP, "My Light", and her single "Phoenix" are available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and more.  


Photos by Derek Mok