A World Away Concert

Daniels Spectrum - Ada Slaight Hall, 585 Dundas St East, Suite 260, Toronto, ON

Join us at Daniels Spectrum for ‘A World Away’ where we will witness one of the greatest cultural exchanges Canada has ever seen. Bringing together some of the biggest names in the up-and-coming Canadian scene as well as a wide variety of amazing artists from all backgrounds and genres.

Watch as cultures collide - this will be an evening to remember! The sheer amount of stars here means you will find something to float your boat. We guarantee there is something for you at this special once a year event.

Each musician brings with them something unique, a taste of their own heritage, a little spice which gives their art a different flair. We have always been family friendly and urge you to bring all your loved ones along to witness this one of a kind spectacle of music, the fusion between east and west!